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Why Our Customer's Love Our Motorcycle Transport Services

Our RV and Motorcycle Towing Company is proud to offer great service at a competitive rate, but none of this means anything without you. Check out some of the reviews our loyal customers have left us.

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Chris W.

Great group of people quality customer service!

Adam - Colorado

Wow, what a great company! They hauled my RV to Colorado from South Carolina. Great pricing and constant communication! They even watered my wife’s plants the were in the RV.

John - Pennsylvania

What a wonderful Christian company. Not only did we have them haul our RV, but our boat as well! Outstanding pricing and good old fashion customer service, everyone should use Schmitt Transport!

Amanda - California

Schmitt Transport was not only very knowledgeable put timely. We purchased a Motorhome out of state and had them drive it to California. We watch them as they drove it to us on an app. Once they delivered it they explained the use and operation of it, and how to level it among other things. Just a truly wonderful experience!