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Avoid costly commercial truck repairs on the road!

Truck breakdowns can happen anywhere and anytime. It happens, no matter how careful you try to avoid it. It just so happens that you don’t know where or when it will occur. It becomes a huge burden to get your vehicle back on the road quickly. It is important to decide quickly whether to call a tow service or fix it yourself. You will need to have the necessary technical and mechanical knowledge, as well as training to fix the problem.

It is expensive to hire a commercial vehicle mechanic. These services could run you between $80 and $150 per hour. You could pay nearly $1,000 if you call a towing company and ask them to fix your car. This is a difficult decision that you must make.

You can solve common truck problems while on the road. Effective preventive maintenance measures can help to avoid these common problems. It is important to take action before problems occur!

Common Truck Problems and Preventive Measures

Before a serious breakdown occurs, there are many truck problems that can be easily identified and fixed by the driver. Here are some common issues to consider and precautionary steps to take to prevent costly breakdowns.

Avoid costly commercial truck repairs on the road!
  1. Dead or weak battery – A dead or weaker battery is the most common cause of breakdown. This problem is most commonly caused by battery clamps, insufficient battery fluid, and lack of charge. It is important to check your batteries on a regular basis before you go on the road. Before you take off on a long trip, make sure your batteries are fully charged. Check, clean, and inspect the connections and battery terminals as well as their Polarity. Make sure to bring battery jumper cables and insulate them. Keep the terminals clean. To prevent battery explosion and overheating, check the level of battery fluid.
  2. Flat or blowout tires – These are the next most common problems that can cause truck breakdowns on the roads. Before you go on your journey, make sure to check your tires. It is crucial that your tires are able to withstand the various speeds and load capacities of your vehicle. For the correct tire pressure for your vehicle, you can refer to the manufacturer’s manual. A trucking company will usually prohibit the 18-wheeler driver from changing a flat tire. This is because of the dangers involved. The only way to avoid a blow-out or flat tire is to avoid it.
  3. Fuel depleted – This truck breakdown problem can be so predictable that it is almost a no-brainer. Before you leave, make sure your vehicle is stocked up with fuel. You should monitor your fuel level while driving, paying special attention to signs on the road that indicate it is 125 or less to the next station. Make sure you have the correct fuel for your vehicle at all times and that it is readily available at the station you are stopping. Diesel fuel is not always available at every gas station.
  4. Motor oil – It is important to maintain a recommended oil level. To ensure you meet the manufacturer’s recommendations, make sure to check your oil levels before driving.
  5. Alternators – Properly functioning alternators are essential for the engine’s performance. You should inspect your alternator for potential problems. You should be aware of the warning signs your vehicle may give you. Batteries that require jumping or are constantly running low could indicate a problem with your alternator. Another sign that your alternator is failing is complete stalling. It is much easier to change the alternator in the shop than on the highway.

To prevent any breakdowns, it is a good idea to keep your truck on a preventive maintenance program. You can detect potential problems while they are still manageable. It’s much more expensive to fix the problem than it is to lose productivity. You can prevent problems from ever happening by making an intelligent decision.

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